YBE Childbirth Educator


Are you looking for a Childbirth Education Certification that is truly unbiased, offers a full curriculum and also leaves room for you as an experienced childbirth professional to bring your unique personality, perspective and expertise to the material? This complete, all-in-one curriculum offers a unique perspective on childbirth preparation and can be expanded and customized as you see fit to best meet the needs of your clients and community.

Childbirth Educator Training


COST: $350 online, $450 in-person

The Complete YBE Childbirth Educator System

  • Learn about the physiology of childbirth and effective ways to prepare for labor and delivery, mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • Learn how to help your client create collaborative communication with her trusted care provider, birthing team and loved ones.
  • Learn about individual learning styles and how to best meet the need of all participants in your childbirth class.
  • Learn about how women learn differently than men and how to take this into consideration when planning and teaching.
  • Learn simple and effective strategies to keep your class fast-paced, interactive and fun!
  • Learn how to involve partners in a hands-on way and empower them feel equal ownership in the process.
  • Learn strategies to expand and customize the curriculum to develop multiple streams of revenue for your birth business and create product and service packages that meet the unique needs of your community and ideal clients.
  • Learn to use your unique passion and purpose as a childbirth professional to create an authentic and sustainable brand. 
  • You will also receive 1 YBE Instructor Guide and 1 each Your Birth Experience, Your Breastfeeding Experience and Your Baby Experience Parent Guide, as well as an easy-to-use Parent Class PowerPoint file to equip you with everything you need to teach classes immediately!
  • BONUS!! This training includes the Birth Business Essentials course. ($50 value)

How is your birth experience different from other childbirth education systems?

Your Birth Experience Advanced Doula Training

Your Birth Experience is more than a childbirth preparation curriculum. It is a system for success for you and your clients! YBE understands that HOW people learn is just as important as WHAT they learn and there is no right or wrong in childbirth. YBE combines up-to-date information with sound teaching techniques so you walk away informed and equipped to help your clients become their own birth advocates.

The class is comprised of 5 essential components:


Research studies suggest that visualization and artistic processes can help people tap into their inner desires for the future and even achieve positive outcomes. These activities actually affect the physiological processes by decreasing stress and blood pressure, and improving confidence and mood. In this section of the YBE class, you will envision your ideal birth experience, create a personal birth vision statement, explore your personality traits and how they impact your needs, and gain insights about your unique medical decision-making  processes. Parents and partners often find they are able to open new lines of communication that impact not only childbirth, but parenting and relationships as well.


By understanding the physiology and hormonal aspects of Normal Birth, parents know what to expect and how to prepare. While every birth is different, there are milestones and guidelines that help you know where you are in the journey. This helps you better understand when to trust the process and when to ask for help. In YBE we understand that some people want to know a little and others want to know a lot, so our curriculum provides the essentials as well as resources for you expand your knowledge further. 


While YBE doesn't focus on one right method or philosophy, we do help parents prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the childbirth experience. In this section of the Parent Class, you will learn about the 5 Steps to a Better Birth:

  1. Balanced Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Birth Planning
  4. Body Balance
  5. Practicing Relaxation

You will also gain tips for packing your hospital bag, ways partners can assist, comfort measures for labor and birth including positioning and pain management, and explore relaxation techniques such as mindfulness, breathing, guided imagery, as well as your own personal resources to develop your personal birthing style. 


Navigating the endless amount of information about childbirth and medical options can be overwhelming. Parents often find it challenging and cumbersome to weed through books, online medical journals and personal blogs to locate the information most relevant to them. Your Birth Experience has collected the essential evidenced-based information about childbirth interventions, parenting rights and personal preferences into this 42 page chapter. This interactive chapter of the Parent Guide is written in every day language, and includes "What it  Is, What You Need to Know, and What Your Choices Are" for each intervention so you can select your preferences, and take notes to help you ask questions of your doula and healthcare provider. These choices will help you write a birth plan and also understand what's happening in the moment so you can make informed decisions during the birth if plans need to change in the moment. 


Writing a birth plan is less about the plan itself and more about planning for the birth. The actual birth plan isn't a magic potion; it's a tool for communication with your partner, family and care provider. In this section of the Parent Guide and class, you will build upon insights from the Envisioning Your Birth chapter and learn valuable communication prednisone skills to collaborate with your trusted care provider about your birth experience. Many parents find as much satisfaction in the amount of control they have as an active participant in the decision-making process of birth as they do in the mode of delivery and overall outcome. You can and should be an integral part of the birthing team and will be equipped to voice your desires and concerns with confidence. 

What are the requirements for certification as a YBE Childbirth Educator? 

Required Reading:

All additional materials besides YBE workbooks must be purchased or acquired by students independently of YBE website. They are all available via online retailers and libraries.

  1. Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn by Penny Simkin
  2. Your Medical Mind by Jerome Groopman and Barbara Hartzband
  3. A Good Birth: Finding the Positive and Profound in Your Childbirth Experience by Anne Drapkin Lyerly
  4. Breastfeeding Made Simple: 7 Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers by Nancy Mohrbacher and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett
  5. Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp
  6. Your Birth Experience Parent Guide - Provided in training materials
  7. Your Breastfeeding Experience Parent Guide - Provided in training materials
  8. Your Baby Experience Parent Guide - Provided in training materials
  9. YBE Childbirth Educator’s Guide - Provided in training materials

Required Assignments:

  • View all 8 YBE Childbirth Educator training modules in the Teachable platform or attend in person training in its entirety, including Your Birth Experience, Your Breastfeeding Experience and Your Baby Experience teaching demonstrations.
  • Complete all online quizzes in the Teachable platform to 75% proficiency. All quizzes are open book and open note.
  • Complete essays addressing the following: A Good Birth, Your Medical Mind, Envisioning Your Birth and Personality Traits. : Requirements for essays outlined in certification packet provided to students upon enrollment.  
  • Teach one of each YBE class: Your Birth Experience, Your Breastfeeding Experience and Your Baby Experience.
  • Complete Self and Student Evaluations for your teaching experience (included in packet).
  • Answer Vision Statement questions to discuss in final coaching call with your trainer (included in packet).
  • Schedule and complete a one hour coaching session with your trainer. You will review your quiz answers, essays, teaching evaluations, collaborate on your vision statement and have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about teaching the YBE system.

Other Information:

  • YBE Childbirth Educator students have one year from the date of enrollment in online training or attendance at in-person training to complete certification requirements. At that time, a 6 month extension may be purchased for $50. 
  • At the completion of either online or in person training, a student is considered pre-certified, and is permitted to advertise YBE classes, teach and sell YBE materials to students and clients, which can be purchased at wholesale pricing through a password protected online storefront. If the student does not complete certification requirements within allotted timeframe, they will no longer be permitted to do so. 
  • YBE Childbirth Educator certification is valid for 2 calendar years, at which point recertification is necessary. In order to re-certify, students must pay a $75 re-certification fee, and submit proof of 25 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in the following:
    • Training and certification programs related to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, newborn care, doula, mental health in the childbearing year, sexual health in the childbearing year, etc. Anything recognized by major doula, childbirth education or nursing programs are also accepted by YBE. Pre-approved training programs are listed in certification packet provided to YBE students. 

    • Reading books associated with pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, newborn care, doula, mental health in the childbearing year, sexual health in the childbearing year, etc. may account for up to 8 of your CEUs, for 2 units per book. Pre-approved books are listed in certification packet provided to YBE students, and students may also submit others for approval. 

Wow! Missy David’s YBE childbirth-ed class is everything I have been desiring in a CBE certification- customizable and bias-free, focused on the needs of the client rather than a specific methodology, complete with fast paced training. I just finished my initial training webinar and couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to teach and support clients using this system!
— Jessica Bullock www.nobarriersbirth.com