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This isn’t just a childbirth education certification, it’s a way to connect with clients and prepare them for the emotional and physical aspects of [childbirth]. YBE doesn’t focus on one way to do things, it gives all options and helps facilitate conversation!
— Teresa Hord



COST: $125

Wondering what to do in prenatal visits? Feel like you need a prenatal meeting planner? Sometimes handouts, and client forms fail to get to the heart of what is truly important in childbirth. And guess what? It has little to do with natural versus medicated or interventions and the standard birth plan.

Sending forms to clients, inundating them with paperwork, checklists and website links doesn't help you learn how to meet their needs. This simple, step-by-step system for doulas creates powerful and effective consultations and prenatal appointments. Get beyond the typical birth plan with the YBE Equip online training and YBE's Envisioning Your Birth booklet. You will know your clients and understand their needs in a whole new way! 

"I did my first prenatal with the YBE booklet last night and I am STILL on a high! Missy, this curriculum rocks and I am so glad you created it! If nothing else comes from doing this than adding to my prenatal care the Envisioning Your Birth information, it will completely change the way I support my clients. (I expect more will come of it than that, but that's an awesome minimum.)" - Sylwinn Tudor



COST: $450 online beginning, $550 in-person

The YBE curriculum is simple, understandable, completely fact-driven and un-biased. This comprehensive training and material provides step-by-step information about the most important aspects of birth, breastfeeding and baby care. 

Your clients learn all of their options and the curriculum leaves room for them to embrace it and make it their own. No one needs to be told how to have their baby, they just need all the information so they can decide what is best for them.

A YBE Childbirth Educator truly empowers parents regardless of method or mode of delivery. YBE Childbirth Educators have complete freedom to be authentically their own self in their teaching style. This complete, all-in-one curriculum can be expanded and customized as you see fit to best meet the needs of your clients and community.

"I recently trained to be a YBE Childbirth Educator. I'm already certified with another childbirth education program, so I wasn't totally sure what would be different about YBE. I can honestly say that even though the facts of childbirth are the same, the way YBE teaches them is so much more than giving you the facts. YBE helps parents learn what's important to them and how to communicate their needs. YBE offers instructors the tools to share with our students so that we can help them have the most positive birth experience possible. Missy has put together a comprehensive, simple, and effective curriculum, and I can't wait to start teaching this to my students and doula clients. Thank you, Missy!" -Brittany Dowell


ybe doula training.png


Birth & postpartum doula training retreat

COST: $950 Early Bird, $1,200 After Oct 1

YBE Doula Training and Certification is an experiential, comprehensive, holistic training unlike any other doula program.

This retreat-style event takes place over 5 days in modern, comfortable accommodations immersed in nature. YBE's unique approach opens up a new way of thinking about your work as a doula and gives you the opportunity to slow down and reflect on how your presence genuinely influences the families you serve.

This is not your typical classroom environment. Highly interactive teaching, hands-on experiences, and learner-driven conversations take place in community, as you practice caring for others while being cared for yourself.

This program has an emphasis on personal growth, allowing you to discover things about yourself and your professional perspective. You also explore practical skills for birth and postpartum doula support and childbirth education, while creating relationships that embolden you as you establish yourself as a trusted person of influence and expertise in your community.

YBE Doula Training and Certification encompasses YBE Equip, YBE Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, and Postpartum Doula Certifications, as well as Business Essentials.


simple. step-by-step. sustainable.


The Birth Business Essentials training is a fool proof way to set yourself up to achieve the professional success you want. Discover how your passion and personality can guide your branding to attract clients you LOVE working with, who will become raving fans and referring clients. Learn the essentials of branding, sales, product development, pricing and online presence in this practical training and walk away with tools to take action immediately!

COST: $50


Get the Complete System

tools for effective prenatal appointments

complete childbirth education curriculum

branding, marketing, sales, pricing strategy

access to exclusive facebook community

Ready-to-use, customizable content

on-going coaching calls


What will YBE mean to you?

increase confidence

When you know yourself and your passion as an entrepreneur and couple that with the how and why of a proven system, you become the expert and attract your ideal clients.


expand client base

Learn how to diversify your products and services and attract more clients by meeting them where they are and giving them what they really want.


achieve sustainability

You decide what success is for you by following your passion and creating an income to sustain and grow your business long-term.

support and encouragement

Receive on-going support, encouragement and accountability from your trainer and the growing community of YBE professionals.

Recognized by DONA International for CEUs